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The Twin Cities continue to grab national attention, as the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic have named our own Minneapolis/St. Paul (combined as one) as America's Coolest Drinking City (also reported in the Star Tribune). The article offers 5 specific spots that have helped elevate the local scene: 



If you haven't made it to one of these, this is your time to get out and explore the city with very minimal risk of blizzards! As a heads-up, you may be running into more tourists throughout the peak summer travel season since Minneapolis has been named to 2 high-profile "best places to visit" lists. The first recent list was the Wall Street Journal's hottest places to visit in the world – with Minneapolis as the sole U.S. destination (reported by the Strib here). Minneapolis made this list pretty much because of the excellent culinary scene, and the Journal believes it to be of special interest to "curious foodies". Minneapolis also came in at #10 on Expedia's list of "Top-Rated Vacation Destinations in North America". According to the list, Minneapolis lives up to the "MN Nice" claim along with having great food, entertainment, and lots of sports teams.    


The Super Bowl and other high-profile events have no doubt helped put Minneapolis/St. Paul on people's radar; MPR reported that the number of visitors to the area were up 2.5% in 2017, setting a new record. Those numbers don't even include the impact of the Super Bowl, which occurred in early 2018. Time will tell if this becomes a lasting trend or if it's just a blip or fad due to curiosity and fascination.  

Photo By Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA - Minneapolis August Night, CC BY 2.0,