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Top Things You Should Do Before Buying A Rural Home
If you’re planning to move away from the city and live a more simple life in the country, take note that it does not come without its unique set of challenges. Here are a few tips to help you when you decide to buy a rural home. ...
How the Latest Election Affects Real Estate
Minnesota has seen one of the highest midterm election turnouts, and some local change is no doubt on the horizon as a result. In terms of the local elections, the impact on the Real Estate market would come about in both short and long-term city ...
Developers Pushback on Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Policy
The supply of local affordable housing is short of the growing demand, and so far, the city of Minneapolis (in other words, the City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey) has proposed an ordinance requiring all residential development projects to include 10-20% subsidized housing, as reported in ...
Introducing Phyn
The issue of water leaks is a subject most homeowners don’t think about until there’s a major issue actually present, like a burst pipe leaking water through the living room ceiling. A larger leak issue like that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix, in addition to the major ...
Ford Site Development Plan Revealed
After many public meetings and discussions with concerned neighbors, Ryan Cos has introduced its plan to transform the 122 acre, former Ford plant site into a mixed-use development, as reported by the Star Tribune and Minneapolis/St. Paul Business ...