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Ever since the passing of the Surly Bill in 2011, which opened the door for smaller scale breweries to serve beer onsite, craft breweries have been popping-up left and right in the Twin Cities metro. Whereas the first few years saw new spots mainly in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the past couple have brought breweries in suburbs outside the 494 loop. In fact, out of 8 breweries that made Thrillist’s “The Twin Cities’ Best New Breweries” for 2016, half are located in suburbs (with 2 in Lakeville!). But when you’re looking to live in a spot where you could easily walk to a handful of breweries on a whim, you’ll want to stick to the city. There’s even an unofficial neighborhood in Minneapolis, dubbed the Northeast Brew District, that has at least 7 walkable breweries, and a few more within a short bus, bike or car ride. Not only that, the District has a couple distilleries, a cider taproom, and more bars than you can count (not really, because hello infinity). Twin Cities Eater did a roundup of the breweries, whereas a website dedicated solely to the NE Brew District gives you a rundown of seemingly any place you can purchase alcohol, aside from storefronts and restaurants.


There’s always something happening in the area, and there’s character to spare. As can be said for most of Minneapolis, there’s no one type of Northeast resident. You’ll find people from all walks of life, whether they’re married with kids or single and pooling apartment rent with friends. Also similar to the rest of the city, the supply of homes for sale is unfortunately very low. Never fear; there are a couple more pockets of breweries nearby if living near the most watering holes is your goal. Just across the river in the North Loop, there’s a nice group of at least 3 breweries. If you look over to St. Paul, several warehouses north of 94 have been converted into destination breweries, much to the pleasure of Merriam Park’s residents. Still more breweries can be found in St. Paul’s Lowertown and along West 7th. For a helpful guide, Twin Cities Eater had a piece dedicated specifically to St. Paul’s breweries last year.


So, there you have it. Northeast reigns supreme when it comes to concentration of breweries. Since more and more breweries open each year, however, there’s potential for a coup in the near future, though it’s unlikely.


We are always open to exploring with friends, so please give us a shout if you want to check out a new brewery or a new home – 952-258-3100 or email.


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