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Minnesota is having a bit of a heyday when it comes to hosting major events. Last year’s Ryder Cup at Hazeltine was a smashing success, we’ve currently got the X Games running at U.S. Bank Stadium, and of course, on February 4, 2018, that same stadium will play host to Super Bowl LII (52, for those not fluent in Roman Numerals). Though football season hasn’t officially begun, preparations for the event are well under way around the metro area and beyond. The Star Tribune ran an article in May reporting on businesses already presenting to be on a list of potential vendors. Additionally, to help get people a little more excited to visit the tundra in February, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and Explore Minnesota have been running the “My Bold North” campaign with a video each week showcasing different “notable Minnesotans” sharing what they love about the state. With all that being said, it’s probably time for you to start preparing too.


After the Ryder Cup wrapped-up, we wrote about how some clever Minnesotans were able to cash-in on the economic activity of event visitors by renting out their home. There were similar reports after last year’s Super Bowl in Houston, with Today telling of tiny apartments going for $1,000 per night. Well, this is another golden opportunity. Depending on the proximity to the stadium, number of bedrooms and of course how nice the place is, one could easily make enough money to cover a couple months’ mortgage/rent payments, or better yet, a nice little beach getaway. We already have a handful of high-end properties (Downtown condos and Kenwood mansions) near the stadium going for thousands of dollars per night. And with a 4-7 night minimum, that is what I call a nice payday.


So what about you? Are you within a few miles of the stadium and curious about the opportunity? I’d love to chat to go over details. Give me a call at 952-258-3100 or email.