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Minnesota has a storied history of tycoons from various industries “striking gold”, so to speak, and writing their names in the history books. Well-known giants Cargill, General Mills, and Target, to name just a few, all had their start in our beautiful state. Money tends to follow business success, so Minnesota also has its fair share of historic (and modern) mansions. A drive down Summit Ave and through the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul is a good place to start. If you’re a curious type and want more than just a drive-by viewing, the Ramsey Hill tour may be for you. It’s one week from today in the evening, and it grants you access to 12 private homes and 7 public buildings for $30. Afterwards, we’d suggest you go check out La Grolla or the Happy Gnome for dinner.


Ramsey Hill Tour


Thursday, September 14, 2017



Now, touring a historic home is one thing, owning one is a whole different ball game. There are many modern conveniences, such as central air, that most probably take for granted. A historic home may not have central air if it hasn’t been updated, instead being heated by radiators or the like. When it comes down to it, historic homes probably require more work. We recently helped clients purchase a stunning Queen Anne style home in Chaska, complete with a turret. This home, built in 1889 and known as the Eder-Baer house, is on both local and National Historic Registers.


Fortunately for our clients, the home had already undergone recent updates, and so the “to-do” list for them upon move-in was next to nil. Given the home’s status as a historic landmark, changes need to be run-by the appropriate powers-that-be. There are standardsthat must be followed, and distinctive features must be kept intact and good condition. In fact, when one purchases an historic home, he/she is considered not just its owner, but the home’s steward – which sounds pretty cool.

So, you sign up for a little extra work when you purchase an historic home. But, you also get bonus features: turrets, stained glass windows, hand-carved pillars, winding staircases, lion statues, and more character than you’ll find in an entire development of new homes. A beautiful home can bring some real joy into your life. Let me know if you’re ready to start looking – email/call (952-258-3100).