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It’s happening: the Twin Cities continues to garner attention from high-profile sources. Last year, Eden Prairie was named the “Best Place to Live” by Time’s Money Magazine (we wrote about that here), and hopefully we’re all aware of the major national and international events being hosted here (Super Bowl, X Games, Ryder Cup, etc); it’s a good spot to be. The latest feather in our cap is being included in the Wall Street Journal’s list of 10 places to travel in 2018, as reported in the Star Tribune. Well, the feather really goes to Minneapolis, as St. Paul was excluded from the piece. And, the cherry on top is the fact that Minneapolis is the *only* American city on the list.


The Journal’s list is probably not intended to help you plan your next family vacation. Rather, it has quite the specific audience, recommending these destinations for “adventurous sophisticates, curious foodies and deep-pocketed beach bums.” Our own Minneapolis made the list specifically for the foodies. As stated in the Star Tribune’s write-up, Minneapolis is home to 13 of the most recent James Beard award semifinalists. For those unfamiliar, the James Beard Awards are the “Oscars of the food world”, as so nicely put on the Awards’ website. Specific Minneapolis area restaurants that were named in the piece were: BellecourSpoon and Stable, and the Rabbit Hole. Of course, we have many more impressive restaurants that appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences, even beyond Minneapolis’ borders. Here’s a list of the hottest area restaurants on Twin Cities Eater.


The benefit of this type of publicity is that it puts Minneapolis on people’s radar. The hope is of course that people will take this suggestion to heart and actually plan a trip to Minneapolis. When it comes time for 2018’s blockbuster event, the Super Bowl, the hope would be that visitors become enamored with the area, and make plans to return for business, vacation, or even to live here. And when they come knocking, guess who’s ready to answer? Yours truly. As always, Serdar + Partners is your housing resource. Please be in touch – email or phone 952-258-3100.


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