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Alright, the title might be a little misleading. I’m not going to share any ground-breaking ideas on a public post, but I will tell you about where you can go to get ideas for your million dollar dream home: the Luxury and Artisan Home Tours.  Both of these events were highlighted in an article in the Star Tribune this week, which gives details on the tours and some of the homes included. But if you can’t swing a million, why would you go to one of these events? I’ve got a few reasons for you:


1)     It’s a lot of fun to play pretend. But really, go check out what you do and don’t like. What special features especially grab you? Make note, and maybe it can be incorporated into your home someday. You’ll see a lot of current trends, but pay attention to what styles fit your preference.


2)     Make a date night out of it. See some homes and plan your last stop near a restaurant you haven’t tried. There will be a lot of new conversation topics, many of which would provide a natural segue into talking about the ‘future’. You’re welcome.


3)     Check out new neighborhoods and cities. This is where people have chosen to reallymake an investment, and you can try to piece together some of the puzzle. Not all homes will be at that high of a threshold (probably), so see if you find a new locale to add to your list.


It’s really fun to dream, but checking out this caliber of home can be a fruitful exercise, too. Build up that wish list and maybe even expand your search. When you’re ready to start exploring more, let me know (email or 952-258-3100)


Here’s what you need to know about the tours:


Luxury Home Tour


When: June 16-18, 12-6pm each day

Cost: $5 for a single home, or purchase a passport for multiple homes for $20 online/Kowalski’s or $25 at a tour home

Number of Homes: 9 newly built

Sponsor: Midwest Home


From the website: “Tour some of the most magnificent million-dollar-plus homes across the Twin Cities built by some of the best custom builders in the market. These high-end homes will unveil the latest trends in architecture, design, craftsmanship, interior design, technology, landscaping and more. Whether you’re looking to build, remodel or simply dream, you’ll find inspiration on this year’s Luxury Home Tour.”


Artisan Home Tour


When: June 16-18 and 23-25, 12-6pm each day

Cost: $5 for a single home, or purchase a pass for multiple homes for $20 at Bachman’s/with Holiday Stationstore coupon or $25 online or $30 at a tour home

Number of Homes: 19 newly built, 2 remodeled

Sponsor: Parade of Homes


From the website: “Imagine the life you’ll love to live…tour the Twin Cities’ most gracious and well-appointed homes representing the vision and craftsmanship of some of the most respected and innovative homebuilders in the Metro area. Stay tuned for our 2017 new and remodeled homes!”


App: ParadeCraze


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