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Midwest Home’s Luxury Remodeling Tour” is upon us again. The fun event takes place over the next two weekends, with the first weekend showcasing remodeled homes in the western Twin Cities suburbs and the second moving east to Minneapolis and St. Paul. The event is a great launching pad for developing your dream home’s features. See what you do/don’t like, learn what you consider a must-have, and perhaps the best part, see “before” pictures to compare with the new, stunning “after”. You can learn more about the process of remodeling and get the chance to meet some of the finest Twin Cities’ remodeling firms. Here are the details:


Luxury Remodeling Tour

August 12-13, 19-20


Cost: $15 in advance (online/Kowalski’s), $20 at door


Alternatively, you could take the approach of touring the homes just for the fun of it. It’s a great activity for a date or outing with friends, followed-up by food and drinks at one of Eater’s “Essential Twin Cities Restaurants” or one of its “Hottest Restaurants”. You could think of it as dress-up for adults.


One of the homes on the Tour was featured in a Star Tribune article this past weekend. The Minnetonka home from the article is technically a remodel, but in reality, it’s a new home that was built on the same foundation as the prior home. The new design incorporates Scandinavian minimalist themes and has sustainable elements, including a heating stove on the main floor. The new home brings in light and views of the backyard’s nature through its triple-paned windows, all features that were lacking before. Of course, the kitchen was not forgotten in the new design. It’s open to the rest of the home and outfitted with all the equipment the owner needs and wants to exercise her creative outlet. Bottom line, the new home is more family friendly but also really, really nice to look at (and live in!)


One aspect of the remodeling process that was referenced in the article is the back and forth the client has with the designers. It’s important to note that it’s not usually just a one and done type of thing. When the designer presents plans and different options, the client will have the opportunity to make choices. That’s where having ideas in your back pocket can really come in handy. The same goes for buying a home. You’ll see all sorts of different design elements in homes you tour, and you’ll need to decide which ones are game-changers, good or bad. Although, if you learn one thing from the Luxury Remodeling Tour, it’s that a problem’s not a problem as long as you’ve got money to throw at it.


So, my advice to you is get out there. Have a fun couple of days touring homes and developing your list of likes/dislikes. Figure out what’s important to you, and it will come in handy when it’s time to make the tough decisions. If you’re ready to start moving forward in the buying process, I’d love to work with you. Please call (952-258-3100) or email.


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